Nonprofit Sponsorship Opportunities

 Amount     Table    Slide   Insert  Printed Material   Social Media  Passes Included
Friend    $100               ?            ?
Partner*    $250      ?       ?               ?            ?            1
Advocate*     $500       ?      ?       ?               ?            ?            2

Table – Send a representative to promote your organization at NSP 2019 with a table at the event.

Slide – Promote your organization with a slide that will play on large screens in sanctuary between sessions.

Insert – Provide a flyer or brochure to be included in participants’ welcome packets.

Social Media – “Friends” will receive a mention from our NSP Facebook page; “Partners” will be mentioned with a link to your website from our NSP Facebook page; “Advocates” will be mentioned with link in their own individual post from our Facebook page.

Printed Material – Your organization’s name and logo included in a thank you page in participants’ welcome packets.

Passes Included – Registrations to 2019 conference as a gift for sponsorship.

*Limited availability – Please email [email protected] to reserve your spot!


For Profit Sponsorship Opportunities

If your business is interested in becoming an official sponsor of our 2019 Nevertheless She Preached conference, please email [email protected] to chat with us about opportunities to host a table, sponsor a coffee or snack break, or promote your business in some other way.

Donations from Individuals

Thank you so much for your interest in donating to Nevertheless She Preached! Individuals like you are the reason NSP 2017 and 2018 happened and both were amazing! You can donate here by giving through our fiscal agent, First Baptist Church of Worcester (see more below).

How to Donate

2. Click the “Serving” tab, then select “Online Giving” from the drop down tab.
3. Once on the giving page, enter your donation amount in the Nevertheless She Preached row.
Alternatively, checks can be made out to The First Baptist Church of Worcester, with “Nevertheless She Preached” in the memo line to:
Rev. Natalie Webb
The First Baptist Church of Worcester
111 Park Ave, Worcester, MA 01609

Thanks so much for your support!

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or to make arrangements for your table, slide, insert, or logo.